Railroad Pictures

Details of the T&LBRR are Presented Below

When you see an expression like this on a kid's face, you believe there is hope for the future of the hobby.

Overview of Tortoise Town.

Wide view of the town and main station area.

Folks come to the town square to see the "Lounge Lizards" jazz band perform.

A close up ot the "Lounge Lizards" jazz band.

In town, Cooter's Clip Joint offers hair cuts.

While next door, newspapers are sold
and shoes are shined.

This corner is even active at night.

While sweeping at the station, Sam has his eye
on something going on next door.

Seems that the owner of "Mom's Kitchen" is having
a problem with a drunken patron.

Nearby, the clothing store and grocery store have brisk businesses.

Across the town circle, a wedding is going on.

While next door, the movie theater is showing Dracula.

And the town hall appears to be open for business as usual.

In front of Cooter's the bank's business is slow.

And so are the Post Office and Sheriff's Office.

At a neaby hotel, the kids are having fun.

Near the yard, the coaling station is busy.

A large passenger train pulls out of the main station.

As dusk falls on the town circle. The stage lights focus on the "Lounge Lizards".

Dusk begins to fall across the layout. The volcano is looking ominously active.

A close up of the volcano.

Let's hitch a ride on the shay coal train as it passes the farming area.

One of many bridges crossing the stream near the chicken coop and sheep raising area.

A diesel passes by the lighthouse.

Suzy is feeding the chickens near the chicken coop.

Across the track corn is being grown to feed the chickens.

A diesel passes the chicken coop area.

Coming out from the waterfall rounding the big volcano.

Coming around the mountain the train passes the T&LB RR's recent scientific discovery;
a team of paleontologists are excavating a Stegosaurus skeleton while the local media photograph the excitement.

Near the Stegosaurus, there is an active gold mine.

Just crossing the trestle, the train is heading back toward civilization.

A nearby sign says "Don't Feed the Bears." Judging from the size of that salmon
that Mom is giving one of her cubs, the sign should warn the bears not to feed the fishermen.

Joe holds up a trophy fish he just caught below the trestle.

A freight train crosses the trestle.

On the far side, a small ranch raises horses
and offers pony rides.

The Shay is on the other side, back by the farm area. Hey! Wait a minute,
there seems to be a wild party going on here...

This must be a new tourist stop run by the farm;
the Chameleon Caverns Mineral Springs!

And at night, the steamy waters seem to resemble witches' cauldrons.

The farm also harvests hay.

On the south side, there is a B&B area with an eatery.

It seems some raccoons are having a party.

And so are some humans.

A goose passes the west-side small station.

The station is busy working at dusk.

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